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Mining Mechanical, Heating & Cooling

We've been working with mining companies since 2005 to service and repair mining equipment vehicle cabs for heating and air conditioning enabling operators to ensure the right air temperature and safety for drivers. Our services include:

  • Mining cab installations and maintenance

  • All heating and air conditioning installations, repairs and maintenance

  • Snow cat machine heating and cooling

  • Heating & air conditioning maintenance and servicing

  • All heating and cooling part installations

Mining & Mechanical HVAC/Refrigeration

Working with mining companies, we also install, service and maintain heating and cooling systems for mining site operations. Services include:

  • HVAC installations, repairs and maintenance

  • Heating and cooling control units installations and maintenance

  • LNG station installations and maintenance

  • Building unit control station installations and maintenance

  • Mechanical room, boiler room installations and maintenance

  • Air duct installations and maintenance

  • Engine air unit installations and maintenance

  • Pump maintenance and repair

  • Natural gas pressure washer installations and repairs

  • Air quality detection system installations and maintenance

Mining Product Sales & Servicing

We are a reseller of products, units and parts for all the work we do with installations, repairs and maintenance on-site. We work with the best suppliers in the industry to provide quality products and have professional, certified staff to work on installation and servicing of all products.

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